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Multifunctional 1-channel dimming actuator with 1 output to dim or switch lights on/off and 3 inputs for integration of additional switches and sensors (110-240 V~). Switching and dimming functionality for all approved trailing-edge phase control dimmable lighting;Leading-edge phase control only for inductive load approved. Featuring integrated logic module with comfort and timer functions, power measurement and short circuit detection (1x 300 W @ 230 V~).


148.00 € 148.00 € 148.0 EUR

(Total : 148.00 € ) 148.0 EUR

148.00 €

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  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Outputs dimmable
  • Minimum Load LED
  • Maximum Power per output
  • Suitable loads
  • Output modes
  • Certifications
  • Integrated logic module
  • Integrated configuration backup
  • Comfort and timer functions
  • Power measurement
  • Short circuit detection and notification
  • Dimensions (L x B x H)
  • Weight
  • power supply
  • Mains frequency
  • Stand-by consumption
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth®
  • Frequency range
  • Typical radio open field range
  • Ambient temperature
  • Storage temperature
  • Air humidity (during operation)
  • Type of contact
  • Connection variants
  • Connection type
  • Core cross-section
  • Stripping length
  • Packaging size
  • EAN 1 unit
  • Packaging dimensions (L x B x H) 1 Stück
  • Weight including packaging 1 unit
  • Weight including packaging, 10 pieces
  • Mounting type
  • Degree of protection

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Brand: frogblue


  • Dimmer
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    The small green control modules, called frogs, are the heart of every frogblue system and form the basis of frogblue's Bluetooth®-based smart building solution. Our frogs switch, dim, measure, open doors or react to buttons, switches and window contacts.

    Connected to the mains or battery-powered, they use the frogblue Bluetooth® mesh network to create "virtual cables" between each other, forward messages and thus extend the range. Data transmission between the frogs is exclusively encrypted (128-bit) in addition to Bluetooth®. Frogs are smart, packed with innovative functions, very easy to configure and do not require a central unit or control cabinet. With a power consumption of just 0.2 watts, they are also extremely energy-efficient.

    Installed in the deep flush-mounted box (recommended box depth: 63mm) behind any conventional switch/button, the junction box, a weatherproof box outdoors or the lamp outlet, this multifunctional 1-channel dimming actuator can be used to switch and dim all light sources approved for trailing edge phase control. Phase control is only permitted for inductive loads.

    For example, you can quickly and easily implement a changeover circuit with this and other frogs. Without laying cables, without a central unit and without control components in the sub-distribution. The living room, dining room and kitchen lights are controlled with just three frogblue units (frogDim1-3) behind the light switches, because three light buttons can be connected to each of the 300 W dimming actuators. Building-wide central functions or lighting scenarios can also be assigned to the buttons using different button patterns (double click, etc.). A double click on all or selected buttons could be configured to centralize all three rooms. If you hold down the button, the brightness could be dimmed to any value individually or synchronously. 

    Whether and how it is dimmed is freely configurable. At night, it may be different than during the day. Additional functions, such as building-wide central on/off or cross-room lighting scenarios, can be defined with the frogblue ProjectApp.

    The frogs can be controlled with the frogblue HomeApp via the smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android), the frogDisplay, the frogKey or simply via the conventional switch/button connected to a frog. We always recommend buttons, as the full range of functions can be used through individual and different tactile patterns, such as double or triple click, etc.

    Product features

    • Short-circuit protection

    • Temperature cut-out (> 75 °C)

    • Feedback for switching status and dimming value.

    • Parametrisable switching on behaviour and dimming behaviour

    • Switching on and switching off delay with switching off warning

    • Mains supply via power cable, no additional cabling required between frogblue modules.

    • Phase cutting or phase section control can be switched via the frogblue app (phase cutting control only permitted for inductive loads)

    • Intended use

    • Installation in a device box according to DIN 49073. Box depth min. 53 mm when installed behind switch insert; If the depth is shallower, individual installation is necessary. A can depth of 63mm is recommended.

    System information

    This device is a product of the frogblue system. Detailed technical expertise obtained through frogblue training sessions is a prerequisite. The functionality of the device depends on the software. Detailed information regarding software versions and the respective range of functions can be found on the frogblue website. Technical descriptions, additional detailed instructions as well as notes, information regarding proper disposal can be found in the manual, which is available on the frogblue website. Commissioning and configuration will be executed using the frogblue app.

    Safety information

    Electrical devices may only be installed and assembled by qualified, skilled electricians. Failure to observe the instructions can cause damage to the device and result in fire and other hazards. Danger caused by electric shock. Country-specific regulations must always be observed.

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